The online database that provides 3 databases in 1

Subscriptions we offer

Database access can be subscribed to in 2 distinct ways:
(1) Credit subscription - pay per view + (2) Full access - all data is available (fair use policy). These subscription forms allow different type of users to select different type of subscription models. Feel free to contact us for non standard offers.

Subscription model we offer

  • 6 months full access
    • Six months full access
    • 6 months access
    • Purchase Price Allocation Data
    • Economic Useful Life Data
    • Discount Rate Data
    • No Disclosure Limitation
    • Global Data Coverage
    • Comprehensive Graphical Illustrations Of Data
For a subscription, please contact us through email ([email protected])
or by phone +31 (0)20 233 71 98

Need a different type of subscription model?
Feel free to contact us for custom made offers.